Study Aboard: Conversational Spanish in Nerja, Spain

May 20 - June 02, 2018

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An intensive two week Spanish language program in Nerja, Spain for native and non-native speakers. Includes a visit to Granada.

As an enhancement to the Spanish Language curriculum, this study abroad program is for students interested in a Spanish Language and Culture program in the quaint city of Nerja, Spain, which is located in southern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea.

This program offers students a unique opportunity for full linguistic and cultural immersion intended to develop their Spanish language skills. For this program, students have the opportunity of registering for SPN 3955 (prerequisite SPN 1121) OR IDS 3955 (no prerequisite). Spanish language courses are offered at all levels of proficiency from beginning to advanced; placement is determined by a grammar test and an oral interview.

The Spanish Language Program is hosted by the Escuela de Idiomas in Nerja, Spain. Escuela professors teach the language classes and the cultural activities are coordinated by Dr. Consuelo Stebbins. Language classes are held Mon-Fri, averaging 20 hours a week for two weeks. The cultural activities include a variety of seminars on the history and culture of Spain and visits to local sites. An optional weekend trip to Morocco is offered during the first weekend.

Students arrive in Malaga, Spain on Sunday and are transported to their Residence Hall in Nerja. Classes start on Monday. To arrive on the starting day of this program, flights must depart the USA the day before the start of the program. Students should not purchase their flights until after the applicants have been informed by Study Abroad to do so. Study Abroad advises that you book your flight directly with the airline.

Participants stay in the beautiful city of Nerja, Spain for the two-week program. While abroad, students attend classes during the day and participate in activities during the evening.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve Spanish language skills in conversation, reading and writing
  • Explore cultural differences and similarities between Spain and USA
  • Recognize appropriate use of language in different cultural contexts (formal, casual, generational)
  • Enhance knowledge of Spanish culture and civilization
  • Gain exposure to diverse social values
  • Recognize and describe cultural norms for Spain
  • Experience language and cultural immersion

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