Study Aboard: Spanish Heritage Program in Nerja, Spain

May 20 - June 02, 2018

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An interdisciplinary program that improves the language skills of native heritage speakers of Spanish in the lovely seaside town of Nerja on the Mediterrean.

The Spanish Heritage Language Program is intended for heritage speakers, who were raised in a home where Spanish was spoken. This program was designed to improve the Spanish language skills of heritage speakers and for students to learn and experience their cultural heritage. The Spanish Heritage program is housed at the Escuela de Idiomas in the lovely Mediterranean town of Nerja in southern Spain, close to historical cities such as Cordoba, Malaga, and Granada. Students visit the prehistoric caves of Nerja and can tour the picturesque town of Frigiliana in the mountains near Nerja. Students stay in a Moorish-Andalusia Residence Hall, located in the Old Quarter of the town and only minutes away from the school and beaches. The Residence Hall has an attractive terrace and swimming pool where you can enjoy views of the Mediterranean and mountains. An optional weekend trip to Morocco is offered during the first weekend.

The Spanish Heritage Program offers $1,000 scholarships for native speakers of Spanish, regardless of their major. No prerequisites requires enrollingĀ in the program. Scholarships for the Spanish Heritage Program are part of a U.S. Department of Education grant to enhance the language skills of native speakers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve Spanish language skills in reading and writing
  • Explore cultural differences and similarities between Spain and native culture
  • Enhance knowledge of Spanish culture and civilization
  • Gain exposure to diverse social values
  • Recognize and describe cultural norms for Spain
  • Experience cross cultural language and cultural norms

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